Goddess Coaching

Feeling stuck or trapped? Want to 'roam the world'? Free yourself..

Since the dawn of time, women have gone though many cycles in terms of how the world views her. From being revered to be being discarded and back again. Ar’nie Rozah Krogh’s passion is turning women into Goddesses. A woman has first to THINK like a Goddess, ACT like a Goddess, RESPECT herself as one and then BE a Goddess!

Taste the Essence of Life, Discover a New World!

This coaching is strictly for women only and will deal with more feminine issues. Whether you’ve just had a baby and going through Post Natal Depression or you are burnt out from the rat race and need to find a new passion in life, Ar’nie can help turn you into the Goddess you should be. Part of being a Goddess is knowing really well who you are as a person, from inside out.

What does a coaching session look like?

Just like in the Holistic Transformation, there is no ‘typical’ session. Ar’nie uses a myriad of tools to get you where you want to go. Client and coach will agree in the beginning of sessions what they want to achieve. Each session can be either conversational mentoring or hands on ‘how-to’ activities. (Though sessions can be focused more on Ar’nie’s unique Belly Goddess Therapy.)

Sample tools

A private session taking place at a client's location

  • Dance therapy
  • Performance coaching
  • Holistic health coaching
  • Weight loss mentoring
  • Spiritual/sixth sense discovery
  • Sensuality/sexuality discovery
  • Styling/makeover
End Result?

At the end of those sessions, we’ll peel away layers of old thoughts to see a woman who is now more apt to be called a GODDESS. You will be proud of your renewed body, more spiritually aware/psychic self, possibly a more glamorous and a newly styled you. You will gain clarity in your life; have a good opinion of your body and self, and what you can achieve. The world will truly be your oyster!

p.s If you are so inclined, I am able to help you take it further by arranging a photography/makeover session for you, to capture the new you in print!

Stand Tall, Stand Proud of the New Improved You!

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