After moving across the Atlantic for a job that evaporated shortly after I arrived, I found myself in a dark place. A mutual friend introduced us over email, and after a short 30 minutes on Skype, I found out why. Ar'nie listened to my story and asked me questions that made me look my life in a way that I hadn't been able to see before. She did not tell me how I should be living my life or what I should do - rather, she asked the questions and helped me figure things out for myself. She guided me through my jumble of thoughts, and helped me uncover important truths, which I hadn’t even realized, existed. Ar'nie turned out to be a brilliant light in the dark, and she helped me change my life for the better. I have a tremendous amount of respect and love for her, and whole-heartedly recommend her as a life coach and all-around amazing person."

Leslie, 29, Lausanne/Switzerland, The Hague/Netherlands (American-German)

After being diagnosed as HIV positive I turned to the services of A Krogh Consultancy for assistance in quickly changing my nutritional habits to stay as well as possible. I was given a new vitamin regimen, counseling on healthier eating habits and great advice on how to improve my attitude toward my new health status. I really credit Ar’nie with helping me feel better about myself in the face of what could have been devastating news. I’m happy to report that I’m healthy and happy and continue to be grateful for all of the good things in my life.

Anon Female, 41, USA

I’ve lost 5 kilos in just 2 weeks!! Thank you Ar’nie! I’m feeling much better about my body, I’m feeling confident again to think about sex and I just feel fabulous all around! All these from just learning how to walk, sit and stand like a Goddess!! I’ve also learned more about myself and my sexuality and who I’m meant to be- a woman meant to be with another woman.

Anon, 45 yrs (American)

Ar'nie is (an) exceptional Goddess. I have been using her great services, for personal 'goddess' coaching, based on posture, belly dancing and being your best woman. Love her speech, she knows how to bring FUN and relaxing atmosphere.

Megajanti Suwito, Netherlands, (Indonesian) (via LinkedIn)

A'rnie has done a workshop for the Connecting Women Group last April and that was uppermost inspiring. Not only for me as her fellow board colleague but also for all the women that were there. She inspires all women to meet themselves and to feel good about who they are internally and externally. She is a Goddess herself, always positive and always looking good!

Dymphna Elsink, The Netherlands (Dutch) (via LinkedIn)

Ar’nie is a highly motivational, generous and inspirational professional. Her dedication to turn every woman into a ‘goddess’ is unique. I have also enjoyed many of her massages and this combination of deep tissue massage, reflexology and acupressure has helped me heal quicker from injuries. Her expertise and great knowledge of the human body turn each session of her heavenly holistic healing into an experience!

Erika Both, Netherlands (Dutch) (via Linked In)

Ar'nie is a compassionate, enterprising, warm and professional power house. We have known each other since 1996, Ar'nie has never cease to amaze me with her insatiable appetite to learn. She continues to learn, upgrade and is knowledgeable in many topics from astrology to wellness to business. I had the honour of witnessing Ar'nie's dedication while working on a project in 2004. Ar'nie was down with food poisoning but she persevered and delivered only the best despite her condition. Anyone who decides to engage her will find themselves working with a dedicated professional who truly seeks to perform outstanding work with integrity and passion. Ar'nie's generous disposition and excellent attitude enable her to constantly provide value added and only the best services.

Christerine Ooi, Australia (Singaporean) (via LinkedIn)

Ar'nie Rozah has always treated all her clients with sensitivity taking into account all levels of expertise providing excellent coaching in all aspects of therapy and holistic healing. Her sessions are exciting with a sense of fun and enjoyment as well as ensuring all her clients feel a sense of achievement. Her knowledge and personal testament to these subjects give her not only credibility but encourage her clients to be enthusiastic in continuing to reach their goal of becoming a Goddess. I would recommend her to any individual or group seeking to find inner peace and improve their self worth.

Carole Couchman, Canada (British) (via LinkedIn)

Ar'nie sure is an expert. I have hired her for personal Goddess coaching, based on posture, belly dancing and being your best woman. I have also hired her to give massages and she is exceptional at this. A mix of reflexology, head massage, deep massage, aromatherapy and shiatsu with a bit of hocus pocus thrown in, this is an experience not to be missed.

Jo Parfitt, Netherlands (British) (via LinkedIn)

Ar'nie is a Lady who is willing to share her knowledge with others in order to make a difference in their life. Cheerful and colorful person with whom you will definitely not get bored. Professional.
Ar'nie's enthusiasm and dedication to her craft coupled with her bubbly yet serious approach to teaching makes learning a fun yet rewarding experience.

Stella Yfantidis, Thailand (Australian) (via Linked In)

Ar'nie is a highly enthusiastic and passionate motivator who delivers results that people will remember.

Daniel Chua, Singapore (Singaporean) (via LinkedIn)

Ar'nie was great to work with in every aspect. She did her job with joy, passion and professionalism. I would like to pick more than just three of the above attributes.

Amit Gilboa, Singapore (American) (via Linked In)

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