She Should Have Asked- Why Many Relationships are Doomed 

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Tuesday, 16th May 2017
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Thursday, 20th July 2017

She Should Have Asked- Why Many Relationships are Doomed 

I just saw the best cartoon to explain why many (heterosexual) relationships today need a lot of help. A French blogger named ‘Emma Clit’ did a set of cartoon drawings to explain many of today’s relationship status.

The blog post is titled “You Should’ve Asked’ from the original French “Fallait Demander”. When I read it, I smiled. Not because it’s funny Haha.. but because it was funny sad.

Today many women work just as hard as their male counterparts. Not only do these wives work, they are still in charge of the household chores and children. The frustrating thing for many women is that they still have to ask their men to take on the household chores which they feel they need not have to.

Secret alert: Men, your wives will fall in love with you more should you take on many of the household chores! Just because you take home more of the bacon, doesn’t give you the right to put your feet up as soon as you get home. She’s been working too. Albeit in an unpaid, unappreciated job.

I shan’t tell you more now. Please see the rest of the article  here. A woman will smirk and shake her head with a little laughter inside. Many clueless men will raise their eyebrows and go ‘Me??’ I thought I helped!

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