Can you help me write my book? Case study needed.

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Wednesday, 6th January 2016
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Wednesday, 6th July 2016

Can you help me write my book? Case study needed.

I have a dream then it became a goal.

But before I tell you my dream, let me share with you my purpose in life, my mission really.

I want to spread more love and kindness to this world. I want to see more people happy within themselves and then spread it out to the people around them. I want to see the eradication of child marriages and the ritual enslavements of women and young children in many parts of the world. I want to see the end of so called ‘honour killings’ happening mainly in Central Asian society. I want to see people be with their soul mates for life.

What I want to achieve, I know cannot be done by my lonesome self. I need an army to help me. I need an army of love to achieve at least half the things I want to do. And I know I need to start from the beginning.

And the beginning is love.

I believe when there is love, light will prevail. Goodness and kindness comes from love.

And this is where I need your help.

I have a goal to write a book and be a published author one day. I have found an editor and a small publishing house willing to help me pursue my goal.

I am looking to do a study on love and communication and I need a minimum of 100 men and women to interview (anonymously). I am now already beginning with writing a book on finding our soul mate, our ‘perfect one’ and I hope this clinical style study can yield valuable information for our current generation looking to embark on what has become a cynical destination for many.

I would love to speak to you (F2F or via Skype if you’re not in London) and all it takes is about 20 mins of your time. I will ask you a series of questions (many yes or no questions) and the data will be input into a software to get statistics from it which I hope to share with departments or organisations that actively help people in relationship issues.

What kind of person do I need?

  • A man or woman (sexual orientation, race, religion doesn’t matter)
  • In a long term relationship currently (more than 7-8 years) or
  • Have been in a long term relationship/marriage and it ended or
  • Newly married with kids/less than 5 years together

I cannot promise you any payment for now but I certainly can promise you a signed, discounted copy of the book as and when it’s out in the market!!

So please help me share YOUR knowledge about love and communication with the rest of the world. If you know of inspiring people, maybe even your own parents, and they don’t mind being interviewed, I’d be thrilled to speak to them!

Question again, can you please help me with my 1st book?

P.S Here’s my Skype address: The Goddess Coach. When you’re ready, send me a message there with your available time and date and I’ll be there. (Bearing in mind London is GMT +0 this time of the year)

Got something to share? Write it down for me!

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