What Is It That I Do Exactly with NLP? Explained By The Founder Himself.

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What Is It That I Do Exactly with NLP? Explained By The Founder Himself.

The philosophy of Richard Bandler about Life and NLP.

I’ve been asked many many time, “What is NLP exactly?”

How can you help me with my problems using this NLP? Does it really work? Are you like a psychotherapist or psychologist? Will you hypnotise me to do things I don’t feel comfortable doing?

I am very lucky to be certified by the creator of NLP himself, Dr. Richard Bandler, from a really professional NLP Institute in the US and Europe. I have been practising ‘NLP’ since I was aware of myself and my memories without realising it (one early usage was to help me be the best yet smallest runner in my school). I first got introduced to it professionally around 2001 and haven’t looked back since.

I used NLP when I taught my hundreds of Belly Goddess Fitness classes to hundreds of women, to help them feel better about themselves, to help them get rid of certain thought patterns that were damaging themselves and their healths and ultimately, to make them feel good and laugh about themselves. It was only in 2011 that I decided that I wanted to help individuals on a more professional basis that I coupled it with a Life Coaching certification.

Do you think NLP and myself could help you solve a current problem that’s stopping you from finding life/career/marital fulfilment and happiness? Let me know.




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