Berita Harian Interview Thursday 6th Feb 2014

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Berita Harian Interview Thursday 6th Feb 2014

Berita Harian Interview Arnie Rozah Krogh.jpg

When I was invited to be interviewed by Singapore’s flagship Malay newspaper, Berita Harian, I was naturally excited and super elated. A newspaper interview is another way of sharing the joy of my work and the passion it comes with.

It was smile inducing to see my blurb on the font page, sharing space with an Asian singer of the moment: Anuar Zain.

Here I am again trying my best to translate the Malay language article into English as I did the last magazine article.

This particular article appeared on Thursday 6th Feb 2014. Unfortunately I am not able to get my hands on a hard copy and relied on friends to send a snapshot of it via messages and Whatsapp. Quality of the photo reflects on that fact.

Please click this link to read the full interview in English ——–> BERITA HARIAN INTERVIEW

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