Keluarga Harmoni Magazine Dec 2013

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Thursday, 28th November 2013
Berita Harian Interview Thursday 6th Feb 2014
Thursday, 13th February 2014

Keluarga Harmoni Magazine Dec 2013

Arnie Rozah Krogh Majalah Harmoni.jpg

Page 1 Harmoni Magazine

Arnie Rozah Krogh Harmoni.jpg

Page 2

Arnie Rozah Krogh Harmoni Page 3.jpg

Page 3


Cover Page (a little dented by the baby!)

For the unofficial English translation of the article, please click the link here —-> Harmoni Dec 2014 Interview

Please excuse me if my translation skills are not up to par. It has been years since I last used such skilled Malay language and therefore I took my time to translate to do justice to such a well written article.

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  1. […] Here I am again trying my best to translate the Malay language article into English as I did the last magazine article. […]

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