Perfect Weight, Perfect Lifestyle Master Coaching Group

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Perfect Weight, Perfect Lifestyle Master Coaching Group


Get your body ready for the 2013 end of year festive season!

So what exactly is this Master Coaching group all about, you ask?

Well, as a certified Weight Loss Master Coach, you will be my Master coachee, I guess. Seriously, this is the perfect opportunity to get in touch with your mind and body for once, and find out why and what has been keeping you overweight all these years.

There are simple reasons as eating more (input) than expanding it (output) or could be a multitude of reasons like hormonal imbalance or organ failure. It could also be that your mind is not allowing you to succeed.

What has your mind got to do with weight loss and a perfect lifestyle? Everything really! Yup, whether you realise this or not, the mind controls 100% of what we do, how our bodies react to certain food and stress and how successful we’ll be in that diet.

That is why the statistics have shown that many dieters fail (90%) by the 7th week and then only to put it back on, and sometimes more! So forget all that slimming centres expensive cost, dodgy pills or messy creams. We target the weight from all angles!

I will be combining my background as a Master Practitioner in NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), holistic and clinical therapies practitioner and creator of the unique Belly Goddess Dance therapy to help you on what could potentially be a spiritual journey of your lifetime.

Why a group coaching session?

  • It is more economical to share the cost of the sessions compared to hiring me on a personal 1-to-1 basis (57% cheaper).
  • You get the collective wisdom from the other women about their own journeys in weight loss
  • We become a sisterhood support group and can encourage each other to success!

So if you have any more questions, or would like to start your own personal Master Coaching group, do get in touch with me. I cannot guarantee that prices will stay this low once this unique programme is in demand. Your body deserves the best- your healthy mind!

Whatsapp: +60 12 555 6475


p.s Sessions can be done in Malay/Indonesian and English.

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