Finding Inspiration in Chaos

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Wednesday, 14th September 2011
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Wednesday, 28th September 2011

Finding Inspiration in Chaos

Manic Monday


The whole weekend, my Facebook and Twitter timeline was abuzz with friends and family complaining about the ‘random’ changes that Facebook decided to make. It was announced last Thursday during their conference in San Francisco.

Most of the complaints were about what they thought were random design, it was harder to follow, it looked messy etc. But really, what I’m seeing are complaints about changes.

Most people hate changes. Why should we like it? It messes up our routine, our habits really and that means we can’t sit still and just keep doing things the way we have done for the longest time. It means we have to sit up right, notice the new things and relearn everything we thought we knew. It also means that we can’t be comfortable until we have got the new routine down pat. It must be tiring right to learn?

I’m all for change if it means we move forward in time and life. Let’s not go for change for the sake of change but really for improvements. In the case of Facebook, they have almost 800 million users and they need to keep the vibe going. If they stay the same, people who are always looking for new technological advances are going to complain about them being static. Their advertisers are going to complain that things are slowly getting boring and their stockholders are going to start asking for better ways to make more money.

What I wanted to highlight is the fact that amongst those people owning a Facebook profile, I have seen a few who are embracing the changes. One of them who calls herself an internet hermit- sporadically going into FB to check her notifications. She sees it as a great opportunity to start learning all there is to know about Facebook and how to better advance herself in this technological age.

I will also be learning how to use Facebook for better business success over 3 weeks in October. My journey hasn’t come at a better time than now.

So where others see chaos, are you finding inspiration?

p.s. I was inspired to write today’s blog title thanks to the chaos of last weekend! 🙂

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