A Lesson in Love Sunday

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Monday, 30th May 2011
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Wednesday, 17th August 2011

A Lesson in Love Sunday

Love is all around us

Spiritual Sunday


There are so many things in Life that are very important to a man (or woman to those who prefer). Air, water and food are the 3 basic needs in order to SURVIVE. On a physiological level, that is all very true. But what about not just surviving, but really living Life? What do we really need?


I must say this is a weekend that has shown me that LOVE is really important. But, what kind of love? And what is love really? Let me count the ways..


Love is having your child give you her pocket money to buy you a much loved yoga lesson for your birthday instead of on some silly trinket that you’ll end up throwing away.


Love is waking up to breakfast in bed, made by your children, no matter how messy or inappropriate the breakfast is.

Love is human and animals living in peace


Love is really enjoying the weekends that are so precious when your other half lives in another country and only home those 2 days to comfort and cuddle you.


Love is having to discipline your children when they are naughty even when the source of that naughtiness is them missing their absent father.


Love is feeling absolute joy when hearing that a really good friend has been cleared of cancer for this time.


Love is travelling for hours to get good, fresh food that your loved ones crave or slaving in the kitchen making them their favourite food.


Love is crying your heart out when you hear that your mum is ill so far away or crying to hear that your beloved father in law in finally out of an unhappy relationship that has deteriorated his health.


Love is wanting to take away the pain and suffering of your loved ones when they are ill so they’ll be spared.


Love is feeling pride that your children performed well in their school plays.

Love is a cuddling together…


Love is stroking your pets in moments of quiet tenderness and knowing that that’s all they ask of you.


Love is feeling angry at injustices done to a really good friend who doesn’t deserve it.


Love is feeling your heart swell when looking at your sleeping child/partner and knowing they are the most beautiful and peaceful person on Earth.


Love is above all, emotions that run the gamut from high to lows, really appreciating the people and animals that surround you to make for a more enriching life. Love is knowing that all these are lessons to make us love ourselves even more everyday.


I love it that you love reading my blog!


  1. Shareen says:

    A long comment here..
    It was 1999 when I came to be with my then boyfriend.. was not feeling well and puked all over his bathroom. I went to the room to get a change of clothes and when I entered the bathroom again, there he was, on the floor, cleaning up my vomit. It was right then and there, I knew it was love. I mean who would love me enough to clean up my vomit?

    Love is when I am in a bitchy mood due to PMS and DH gets me chocolates! hahahah

    Love is ..even when I am in a hurry and I see someone I haven’t seen in a while, I take the time to walk over and give them a 10 second hug. I am glad I hugged Anna-Lisa one day cause it was the last hug I ever got from her.

    Love is when my son comes home with flowers and tells me ‘Mama, you are more beautiful than these flowers’

    Love is when I felt the joy of a friend could get pregnant, hold on to the pregnancy and delivery a healty baby despite the odds the doctors told her.

    Love is all around us, aint it? 🙂

    • Ar'nie says:

      Oh absolutely Sha! Thanks for your amazing sharing! That vomit and chocolate bit so resonate with me.

      When Anders knows I’m hungry or hv low blood sugar, he’ll force me to eat! (chocolate sometimes) He knows I’ll just upset both of us with my hormonal imbalance. That’s love isn’t it? Making sure our partner doesn’t hurt herself unintentionally. 🙂

      But yeah, we just have to open our hearts and eyes.

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