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Monday, 21st February 2011
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Find your Blessings

When you think the Universe has wrath on her hands, ....

Faith Friday

I was just thinking of writing a Fabulous Friday post with more beauty tips, but breaking news from the BBC website and Twitter feed talking about this, changed my direction. I heard about the devastation caused by the earthquake and subsequent tsunami in Japan (and soon across the Pacific islands) and I cannot ignore it.

I was reminded of the biggest earthquake/tsunami that engulfed Indonesia (my mother’s land) Christmas 2004 and how awful and helpless I felt all the way in Denmark. I am quite happy of the way I’ve run my life with some aspect of control but when a natural disaster occurs, you lose all that control and now Mother Nature is your ‘boss’. I have never really thought about how I’d feel if I lose everything like those disaster survivors in New Zealand, Australia and now Japan. I don’t really want to as I feel it might make me live my life with too much caution.

But I will always respect the fact that at the end of the day, Mother Nature really is my boss. She can somehow dictate my day, whether I’ll cycle, walk or drive to school, shops or work. My day will also depend if a sudden weather change will mean I’ll get my kids spending the school day with their teachers or me. But for so many people out there, my options are nothing compared to theirs. Mother Nature has dictated that many people in Pakistan and Haiti are still homeless months after their disasters. Children are still without basic medical care and are not getting their education. Mothers are still giving birth to babies in less than sanitary care leaving those babies exposed to the possibilities of death within weeks.

When life is ebbing away,

I want all of us to really think about these facts. As a Goddess mum, do you think you really have complete control in how your children run their lives? As a Goddess Entrepreneur, do you really have complete control how your business is being run? Can we say that we run our lives 100%?

How much do we respect the force of Mother Nature? Do we really think we own our lives?

All I can say is I have faith in running my life the best I could, with 100% effort and love. The rest is up to the Universe/Mother Nature to dictate what happens in the future. Will I one day be just like those people in Haiti, living in tents while waiting for aid, or will I forever be just another onlooker to a disaster on another side of the planet?

Now let me count my blessings. What about you?

Remember that behind every dark cloud, the sun will always rise for another day.

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