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Friday, 11th February 2011
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Start the Weekend Right!

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My..oh my..How Can I Treat Myself Right Today?

Everyone looks forward to the weekend. Bar residents of a few Middle Eastern states where weekend is Friday and Saturday, most of us looks forward to Friday to start relaxing. Why not, right? We have all worked really, really hard Mondays to Fridays, slogging away at our jobs, to earn our keep on this Earth, that it’s natural we want to let our hair down (literally for some women) and breath a collective sigh of relief.

This post is targeted to my attached/married readers. Being married myself, what with 3 little children (one of whom is still a baby), the week is really a hectic one for me. Trying to combine professional working life and personal life into the space of 24 hours seems not enough. The beauty of working from home mostly, is that I get to see smiles from baby Asger throughout the day. But unfortunately, I also see that the dishwasher needs clearing, clothes need ironing, cat litter needs cleaning, etc. What do I look forward to on Friday nights and Saturday mornings?

I look forward to reconnecting with my other half, Anders, as a couple again. Not just as Mummy and Daddy from the week, but as two lovers, husband and wife, who has much more to catch up on than talking about homework, dinners to make, baby to attend to or bed time stories to be read. Make sure that you really push this time in your mental agenda. Most married couples fall exhausted by Friday nights, to tired to talk coherently, to string 2 romantic sentences together even! Oh dear, oh dear!! What happened to those whispered sweet nothings that were ardently breathed into your partner’s ears in the early days?!

Here I’ll peel away the curtain of of my marital life to share with you some of my secrets to keep sane and ready for the weekday ahead starting from Friday-

  1. Make sure you set an appointment with your other half that Friday nights are no time to talk about kids nor their school work once you’ve put them to bed (say 9pm).
  2. If you have to, make a date to go have a drink at your local bar, or have desserts at a restaurant, just to be able to spend time away from the comfort of your home location.
  3. Talk to each other like new friends again. Ask genuine questions, and be ready for an honest answer. Really listen as listening to him/her is a big part of the Loving process.
  4. When it’s time for bed, make sure you ‘jump’ into it with the right mindset. No more arguments allowed, no heavy discussions. Those things are not conducive to a sensual mind.
  5. Too tired for sex? No problem! Sensuality is NOT about having sex, it’s all about reconnecting of both your bodies and mind. You can still touch each others skin, give him/her a massage or just close your eyes and kiss. Kiss not like mums and dads, but kiss like teenagers do! Kiss with your heart and mind in it. Feel the tingle in your fingertips, your lips quivering and your ears burning…
  6. Saturday mornings are also good to continue that reconnecting mode. Whether or not you finally feel relaxed enough to make love to your other half, make sure you don’t forget to say, “I really love you, I do” to him/her. Those words, when said with the sincerest of eyes and tone, means more to most lovers than a truckload of gifts.
  7. You must also reconnect your mind to your body back to your spirit. We have to remember that it’s not selfish to spend a little attention to ourselves. Have a power shower or a languid bath, steam your face, put a facial mask or neatening up your nails and cuticles (for men). Whatever it is you decide to do, you must do it for the time you feel you deserve, the attention YOU need.
  8. Look in the mirror, see a beautiful, sensual person and say, “I am beautiful! I deserve the best loving there is and I shall love with all my heart”. Give yourself the biggest smile. Find your other half and share with him/her your positive aura. A loving aura is just as sensual to your lover to receive. Now go out there and steal kisses from each other the whole day!


Anders Stealing Kisses from Ar'nie


  1. NZ Ariffin says:

    Love reading your piece to start my weekend! The fact that I work from home (thank God I am NOT in the rat-race!) and am newly-married (BONUS!!) means that we are at each other’s disposal anytime! Weekdays can be our weekends and weekends can be our weekdays! Keep writing! I’ve always enjoyed your writing! Hugs babe!

    • Ar'nie says:

      Keep up your honeymoon feeling for the rest of your marriage ok?! Let it last a lifetime, just like a marital vow. I appreciate your kind words N!! Hugs backatcha!!

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